Let’s decorate our time with some music

Welcome to my little corner where music genre doesnt matter. Its a corner for those who love good music. Its a corner for you and your GiftedEars!




Mars Water – Where the Sun Sets

Its a song from the first full length album from Ponny Kosmas aka Mars Water “Here We Are”. The album has 12 songs and each song were written and recorded in sequential order of months.” The goal is a song a month for each month in the year 2011 on planet Earth.”

How cool is that?

The album was released January 1, 2011.




Sun Angle-Drink the Moon

I was checking out some blogs and found this little gem. Thanks for putting a smile on my face The Mad Mackerel

Sun Angle’s singular brand of frenetic and sprawling psych-punk draws inspiration from mid-period SST bands like Meat Puppets while simultaneously connecting the threads between Can, 70s-era Miles Davis and early Fleetwood Mac. Their new record, Skullflower is out on the 21st October and you can listen to Drink The Moon from it below. According to […]

via Sun Angle – Drink The Moon — The Mad Mackerel

Tallest Man On Earth – River

Cause i will be forever in love with the way he holds his guitar, the way his coloring  the words every time they slide out of his mouth and his ability to transfer my soul into green  valleys full of blossoming flowers and blue skies. Kristian Matsson, aka the Tallest Man on Earth, has shared his second new song of 2016. It’s a lovely new fingerpicked acoustic song called “Rivers” and i love it. Hope you do too.